“… You see what you feel; we see was a collective interpretation of the performance You see what you feel, I see by Marina Abramovich and Uwe Laysiepen.
The artists remained suspended from a scaffolding for 30 minutes. An inverted video camera was installed to a monitor that showed the public walking on the ceiling, while the artists would stand, quiet, in a line.
The pass of time and the silence, the increasing blush in their faces and the image in itself, which resembled that of the dead cows hanging, created a strong tension among the public, who thought at some point they were going to collapse.”
Villalonga, Yuneikys. The Utopia of Living Together (The 00 generation is on fashion). Lecture, Havana University, 2004)

The piece was realized in the cities of Havana (2001) and Camaguey (2002).