Ground Floor. Performance. Havana, Cuba. 2001.

Suelo Raso or Ground floor was realized on Saint Lazarus Celebration’s Day: the saint of illnesses; the most popular and miraculous deity in Cuba. Each year on December 17th the four kilometers between the town Santiago de las Vegas and El Rincón (the Saint´s church), are full of devotees that could be walking on their knees, carrying offerings, figures of the Saint, candles, big stones: doing every kind of sacrifices to pay their promises.
It would take ENEMA the whole night to advance until the headed church. They lied on the floor forming a straight line with their bodies, head to feet. The line would move forward as the last person would stand up, and lay down again in the front.
The performance placed into discussion the fine boundaries between these popular actions that happen in Santiago de las Vegas and the artistic performance, in the social context. The group, in fact, found a very strong response from the devotees, who would lay down with them, as to prolong the rounds, or try to convince them not to do such sacrifice.
When a whole round was finished, they realized a mark on the floor, as if measuring the distance of a whole ¨ENEMA body¨. The number of “ENEMA bodies” in the four kilometres between the town and El Rincón would be written at the entrance of the religious institution, and is the only remaining of the action.
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